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A trouble-free event with state-of-the-art equipment is already a high standard. However, we always go the extra mile and offer special solutions, especially in the area of ​​decoration and exhibition construction. Who you should call when you need a tower in the style of Baywatch or another 3D-object?

A stage must not always be rectangular, we also have round or another special solutions. Over-dimensional sculptures in the entry area or a large, decorative company logo on the stage are now part of the daily business, and even at promotion stands or roadshows is it important to strike!

We also make a 3D drawing of the entire stage or the desired object at the customer's request. Materials, colors and textures used are included as well. After confirming the order, our stage builders, decorators and tailors begin with the production in our in-house factory. The combination of all the departments under one roof provides the ideal conditions for a smooth and professional assembly and dismantling on-site! To focus on sustainability, materials are bought and reused regionally. We are building modular systems, which can also be used several times.


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