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Barco Iosono is an "object based audio" system. This enables a object-based hearing for each listener, regardless of the position in the defined area. Algorithms based on "WFS" (wave field synthesis) allow the audio content to be placed acoustically at certain positions or to move it animated in the three-dimensional space. Therefore, it is possible to give a broad audience an immersive listening experience.

Barco Iosono is a freely scalable system that can be adapted to almost any venue, it's "open source" compatible with every type of loudspeaker / manufacturer. For a virtual sound experience, the scalability already starts with 5 speakers, which are distributed over the stage or room width. For an even more complex 3D audio experience, maximum 128 loudspeakers can be played with one Iosono Core.

In practice, there are usually 20 loudspeakers in one ring, additional 13 ceiling loudspeakers for a realistic feeling of height, as well as extra subbasses. The exact number and type of loudspeakers is depending on the content and size of the location, as well as the distance and number of listeners to the sound source.


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