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The organization of major events, international conferences as well as smaller business meetings must be well planned. An important component is good speech intelligibility. The BOSCH Integrus System offers the best solution for foreign-speaking participants. The system consists of a high-quality and sound-proof cabin with an interpretation unit, the actual infrared transmitter, as well as a handy receiver with headphones for the respective users. For multilingual translations, the recipient can be quickly and easily converted to the desired language. The modern and award-winning design allows the usage up to 31 interpreting channels plus hall language. Best voice quality and usability are essential to efficiently implement a meeting or presentation.

As a wireless conference system solution, we recommend the innovative BOSCH Dicentis System. The standardized Wi-Fi technology and WLAN management, enables optimum use in buildings and rooms where complex cabling is not possible. The wireless controls provide excellent sound and voice quality, giving the authentic impression of a personal conversation.


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